The Organizing Committee on the preparation and conducting of the IDEE HEMUS decided to hold the XIV-th edition of the exhibition, ‘Hemus 2020’ from 27 to 30 May 2020 at the International Fair Plovdiv.

In respect of the high achievements and the goals accomplished by ‘Hemus 2018’, the Committee decided to hold the next, fourteenth edition of the exhibition. In its decision the Committee formulates main parameters of the event and assigns responsibilities to number of bodies in the preparation process.

The motto of the exhibition remains "Defence, Antiterrorism and Security", but the subject sections are to be updated, focusing on Cyber Security, Border Security, Strategic Communications and Unmanned and Autonomous Systems.

Traditionally, ‘Hemus 2020’ will be organized and conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economics. The main accompanying events are defined as:

- X-th International Scientific Conference;

- Industrial Forum;

- Live Demonstrations and Test Firings at ‘Zmejovo’ Central Artillery Technical Test Range;

- Static Display and Capabilities Demonstration of the Bulgarian Armed Forces and other governmental bodies with responsibilities in the field of the national security.

The "Hemus-95" Foundation is set for immediate organizer of the XIV-th edition of IDEE "Hemus 2020" with key partners - the International Fair Plovdiv - JSC and the Bulgarian Defence Industry Association. The Foundation is entrusted with the negotiations with the main partners, resulting in signing of the respective contracts and cooperation agreements.

A number of structures from the Ministry of Defence have also been assigned functions and responsibilities for the preparation of ‘Hemus 2020’ and all accompanying events.
The final post-event overview of IDEE ‘Hemus 2018’ and its accompanying events confirms in numbers its outright success.

        The final IDEE ‘Hemus 2018’ post-event overview including the independent survey on satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors are now available. The paper confirms in numbers the outright success of the exhibition’s thirteenth edition.

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IDEE ‘Hemus 2018’ marks the most significant growth for the past 10 years.

       From May 30 to June 2, 2018, the thirteenth edition of the International Exhibition of Defense Products and Services "Hemus 2018" took place at the International Fair Plovdiv. In this year’s edition additional accent was put on the areas of cyber and border security, strategic communications and autonomous and unmanned systems.

    A total of 69 companies and organizations were represented, of which 48 Bulgarian and 21 foreign. Seventeen (17) countries participated in the event. For the first time, two organizations from the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior participated as exhibitors. The Bulgarian academia has expanded its participation, with 10 scientific and higher education units presenting their educational products, services and innovative scientific developments in the field of security and defence. The trade parameters of the exhibition recorded its most significant growth for the past 10 years.

      The number of visitors surpassed 2800 people and showed a high national and international growth of interest in the exhibition, also the most significant for the past 10 years. In a national context, the exposition was visited by leaders and high-ranking representatives of the Bulgarian state institutions, incl. the Chief of Defence, the Commands of the Services, generals, admirals, soldiers and citizens.

        The exhibition provoked an extremely high international interest. The exposition was visited by leaders and senior representatives of European and Euro-Atlantic institutions, 12 foreign delegations and visitors from many other countries.

          An independent sociological survey has confirmed the high satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors. Thus, ‘Hemus 2018’ has become a successful platform for coordination and partnership between the Bulgarian state institutions, Bulgarian Defence Industry, the Armed Forces and the academic community and has established itself as an emblem of the synergy of efforts in the interests of national security and industrial development. 

         Expanded international participation and the strong international, European and Euro-Atlantic interest in the exhibition have made it a high international forum for the realization of interests, both in the business-business’ domain and in the "state-state" and "business-state" areas.

        Exposure in practice covers the full cycle of development of a defensive product or service - innovation, deployment, production, commercialization, acquisition and lifecycle support.

         Two key messages characterize the completed Hemus 2018:
"An event where the West and the East match interests“
„А platform on which the European Union meets its partners“

       Expect a detailed post-event overview of ‘Hemus 2018’ and its accompanying events to be published within days on our site.





A foreign exhibitor at ‘Hemus 2018’ for the first time is taking part in the Demonstration Firings at ‘Zmejovo’ Testing Range.

Of particular importance is the participation in the Demonstration Firings of a foreign exhibitor for the first time in the history of the exhibition. The Finnish Patria Land Systems Oy will present its modular (AMV) 8X8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). The demonstration will include live fire of 30 mm. Gun and 7.62 mm. Machine Gun from a static and moving vehicle to static targets.

A number of Bulgarian exhibitors, namely as of now VMZ EAD, ARCUS Co, Aheloy OPM OOD and the Central Artillery Technical Testing Range are to demonstrate their new products as well.

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The online catalog of Hemus 2018 exhibitors  is constantly updated.

In addition to general information about exhibitors on different criteria, the catalog allows for free registration, which additionally permits: full access to the information provided by the companies, planning and organizing meetings, obtaining a customized mini catalog with the necessary companies and their location at the fair, receiving timely information on events to which there is interest. For details and free registration -
The Industrial Forum, as an event accompanying the exhibition, is attracting a growing interest.

Due to the increased interest in the event and the increased willingness to participate in it, the venue was moved to a larger capacity hall - Bulgaria Hall, Congress Center. For details -
The detailed program of The International Defense Equipment Exhibition „Hemus 2018“ was published. For details -
The Organizers of the XIII International Defence Equipment Exhibition – „Hemus 2018” have the pleasure to announce joining of Turkish Defence Industry (TDI) News to the group of Media Partners of the Expo.

TDI News is an online media which publishes news, information, and opinions, related to the Turkish Defence Industry and the Defence Sector.

TDI News Group, international military and defence expert group, is created as a unique social network of the Media, giving opportunities of the experts to share their questions, stories, ideas, and opinions on the issues of the defence sector. All experts from the Industry, Scientific Organizations,  National institutions, participants in „Hemus 2018”, with interest in the defence sector are invited to join TDI News Group via:
The basic frame of the Industrial Forum as an event accompanying "Hemus 2018" is defined

Title of the event is ‘European defence industrial cooperation – new opportunities for the European Defence Industry’ and it aims development of a competitive and innovative European Defence Industry.

Target audience includes Members of the Industrial Forum Initiative, Other representatives of the Bulgarian Defence Industry, scientific, governmental and non-governmental institutions and potentially new national members of the Forum.

Main speakers will be Friends of Presidency (FoP) EDIDP Chair, ASD Defence & Security Director and ASD Defence Research Committee members.

More details may be found at -
Registration for the International Scientific Conference is opened.

The topics of the  IX-th International Scientific Conference, to be held within ‘Hemus 2018’, have been defined as:   

- Innovation and Industrial Cooperation for Defence and Security:
• European Defence Fund - Opportunities and Prospects;
• European initiatives in support of research, innovation and industrial cooperation;
• The Future Defence Research Program.

- Research, Technologies and Systems for Defence and Security:
• Armament, combat systems and technologies;
• Communication and information systems, cybersecurity;
• Military, political, social and economic aspects of defence. 

Published on the website of the Conference are the requirements for the layout of the papers to be presented and other conditions for participation.   

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Live Demonstrations and Test Firings are offered

The exhibitors at ‘Hemus 2018’ would be able to demonstrate the capabilities of their equipment/products including through live test firings in a Live Demonstrations and Test Firings event, to be held at “Zmejovo” Central Artillery Technical Test Range on 1 June 2018 from 10.30.

The event is organized by the Bulgarian Defence Institute “Professor Tsvetan Lazarov”.

The exhibitors willing to take part in the event may register using Form 2A. The form is available for download on the exhibition website.
Considerable International Attendance Expected at Hemus 2018

Traditionally, the exhibition enjoys considerable international presence. In 2016 it included 21 official foreign delegations from countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.For the upcoming thirteenth edition of the exhibition in 2018, 57 countries, 4 NATO agencies, the European Defense Agency and the National Armament Directors of 32 countries were invited. Detailed information on invited delegations can be found on the website of Hemus:

We expect the international attendance this year to be even higher due to the fact that the International Scientific Conference as part of the accompanying program of the exhibition will be held as an event from the calendar of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
IXth International Scientific Conference

The theme of the IXth International Scientific Conference, to be held within Hemus 2018, is defined as „Scientific Research, Innovation and Industrial Cooperation in the interest of the Common European Defence and Security”. The preliminary concept of the conference provides for the first three plenary sessions to be attended by high-level representatives from the European Commission, the European Defense Agency, as well as Directors of Research and Technology and Armament Directors from EU countries. Based on this, not only the conference, but also the exhibition, can be seen as a good platform and forum for the work of the EU countries on the Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR) with regard to the developing of the future European Defence Research Program, as well as with regard to the efforts for reaching a common European approach to the European Defence Industrial Development Programme - EDIDP.
Officially invited delegations and guests of Hemus 2018

Official invitations on behalf of the Minister of Defence of Bulgaria were sent to foreign delegations, NATO and EU structures as well as National Armament Directors. Minister Karakachanov has officially invited 57 states, 4 NATO agencies, the European Defence Agency and the National Armament Directors of 32 countries to visit Hemus 2018.
Hemus 2018 is going to be held under the slogan "Defence, Antiterrorism and Security"

With a Ministerial Order, the motto of the 13th Hemus 2018 was defined as " Defence, Antiterrorism and Security". Minister of Defence will be represented in the Organizing Committee of the exhibition by the Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Velichkov. Specific responsibilities were assigned to the Directorates of the Ministry of Defence, to the respective structures of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, and to the “Hemus-95” Foundation. The Order specified also the planned accompanying events of the exhibition: International Scientific Conference, Demonstrative Firings, Static and Dynamic Display of armaments and equipment of the Bulgarian Armed Forces and live demonstrations, jointly conducted by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior.
First Exhibitors for Hemus 2018

The visitors of the exhibition will be able to get to know the products and services of:

More to come soon...
Foreign Defence Attachs invited to Hemus 2018

Information materials for Hemus 2018 Exhibition were sent to the foreign Defence Attachs accredited in Sofia, as well as to the Defence and Commercial Representations at the Bulgarian Embassies abroad. As part of the process of attracting visitors to the exhibition, the Attachs contribute effectively to reaching the specialized audience that the defense industry is looking for
Our new media partner -Bulgarian Military Industry Review- is an English project that supports the Bulgarian military industry, includes:
  • E-newsletter which is distributed worldwide in the military industry
  • Web portal with Bulgarian Military news, events, products, interviews, analysis and reports
  • Weekly web TV which starts at 2017
  • HEMUS 2018 Daily Digest (printed)
Bulgarian Military Industry Review will cover everything related to the exhibition during this year and next year through all its informational channels.
Ensuring the security of the country - a priority for the new President of Republic of Bulgaria.

In his speech in front of the National Assembly after taking the oath as a president, the new president of Republic of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev said: "Ensuring the security of Bulgaria and Bulgarians became a priority."

Regarding the Bulgarian Armed Forces, President Radev also said "As Commander-in-Chief I will work to build armed forces capable not only to participate worthily in the NATO collective defense, but also to guarantee the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the country. After a long delay, finally we can boast of approved investment projects and guaranteed funding for the rearmament of the Bulgarian Army. I will monitor closely the actions of responsible institutions, because on this complex process and on the selection of new weapons will depend for decades our future defense capabilities. The implementation of the projects should be beneficial not only to our defense capabilities, but also to the whole society, to be accompanied necessarily with contribution to the economic development of the country through the development of programs for industrial cooperation, implementation of high technologies, creating new jobs and stimulating the Bulgarian defense industry. The financial provision for the rearmament should by no means remove the attention the problems in defense. The acquisition of modern weapons is a necessary but not sufficient condition for modernization of the army. Solving the problems that have piled up with decades requires a systematic and comprehensive approach. We need improvement of the regulatory framework of the armed forces, of the system of military education and training."
The XIIIth specialized, international "Defence Equipment Exhibition - Hemus 2018" will take place in the period 30 May 2018 – 02 June 2018 г. The Exhibition is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria. “HEMUS-95” Foundation is in charge of the organization.

The exhibition structure remains the same:
Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Plovdiv International Fair Exhibition Space 37 “Tsar Boris III” boulevard
Subject sections:
- Land Forces
- Air-force
- Navy
- Anti-terrorist equipment
- Equipment and technology of general military use
- Services and information

OBJECTIVES OF THE EXHIBITION: Тo establish immediate contacts between Defence, Security and Antiterrorism vendors and potential customers both at national and international level; to give impetus to the development of the defence industry providing the manufacturers and traders the opportunity to showcase industry innovations and recent developments; to provide a forum opening new opportunities for joint ventures, joint Research and Development projects on defence produce and cooperation.

Innovations and research and development promoted by scientific conferences, demonstrations and test firings, presentations of academia and higher educational institutions again will be exhibition highlight.
In the period May 25th – May 28th, 2016, the International Fair Plovdiv featured the twelfth edition of the Specialized International Defence Equipment Exhibition “HEMUS 2016 – DEFENCE, ANTITERRORISM AND SECURITY”.

Over an exhibition area of 3700 sq.m. indoor area and 2600 sq.m. outdoor area, “HEMUS 2016” presented 57 exhibitors, among which 37 Bulgarian and 20 foreign organizations. Innovative solutions were presented by scientific and technical organizations and universities.

Among the exhibitors were representatives of leading world companies from Austria, China, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey along with the main Bulgarian manufacturers, R&D and educational institutions in the area of security and defence. Compared to the previous exhibition in 2014, there is an increase in the number of foreign exhibitors. The territorial scope of the exhibition has expanded with the participation of companies from a larger number of countries, including countries, which were never before presented at “Hemus”.

The number of visitors surpassed 2500 people. During the first two days the visitors were only from the defence industry and the Ministry of Defence, as well as official foreign delegations. On 27 and 28 May the exhibition was open to wider public.

The exhibition boasts significant international participation, which this year included 21 official foreign delegations of countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, as well as representatives of different structures of NATO and military attaches, accredited in Bulgaria. Some of the delegations were led by Ministers of Defence (Cameroon, Moldova and Nigeria), others by deputy Ministers of Defence (Bosnia and Herzegovina, China and Italy).

The satisfaction survey of exhibitors, conducted by an independent company (Alpha Research) showed that during “HEMUS 2016” the majority of exhibitors were able to realize their pre-set goals. Over 75% of the exhibitors stated that they are satisfied with their participation at “Hemus 2016” and over 50% assessed the prospects for post-exhibition deals as good or very good. The exhibitors stated that their exhibition booths were visited by representatives of the Ministry of Defence and government agencies of Bulgaria, as well as by foreign guests from the following countries: Algeria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel, Kuwait, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Nigeria, Poland, Qatar, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Syria, Turkey, Uganda and Ukraine.
Parallel to the exhibition the Ministry of Defence hosted a session of the Ammunition Support Partnership Committee (ASPC), part of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA). The participants in the meeting visited the exhibition and the demonstration firings.
Traditionally a highlight of the exhibition programme was the International Scientific Conference, organized by the Defence Institute “Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov”. The theme of the 8th Scientific Conference, which took place on 26th May, was „Scientific Research - A Key Factor For New Defence Capabilities Acquisition”. During the Conference totally 80 scientific reports with authors from different countries, among which Greece, Ireland, Israel, Spain, UK and Bulgaria were presented.

On 27th May Demonstrative Firings took place at “Zmejovo” Central Artillery Technical Test Ground. At the firings, organized by the Defence Institute, the exhibitors had the opportunity to demonstrate in reality how their products work. During the firings, 4 Bulgarian companies from the defence industry demonstrated their products („Arcus“ JSCo, „VMZ“ JSCo, „Dunarit“ JSCo and „Stroyproject" Ltd.). „Lassa Engineering” Ltd. presented the system S.C.A.R. – POD. Official guests at the firings were the Ministers of Defence of Nigeria and Cameroon, the deputy Minister of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other representatives of the official delegations, visiting “Hemus”. The participants in the meeting of the Ammunition Support Partnership Committee (ASPC) also visited the firings.

“HEMUS 2016 – Defence, Antiterrorism and Security Exhibition” spotlighted static display of existing and acquired new samples of vehicles and armament by the Ministry of Defence. The exhibits were exposed in separated centers and included: “Armored vehicles” center; „Armament and optic devices” center; „Individual and ballistic defence devices” center; „Special vehicles” center; „Air vehicles” center; „Simulation and modeling systems” center.

A dynamic display for demonstration of actions during special operations was organized under unified scenario with the following theme: „Demonstration of Combat Skills in Extreme Situations” with the participation of formations of the Land Forces, the Air-force and the Military Police. The demonstration featured the following main elements: “Searching, detecting and locating of terrorists”; “Clearance of an object, arrest and neutralization of terrorists” and “Actions of EOD team for finding and destroying improvised explosive devices (IEDs)”.

“Hemus 2016” became a forum for defence and military expertise, covering the full life cycle of the defence product - innovation, implementation, marketing, acquisition by the Bulgarian Army and level of usage by the Bulgarian military personnel.