International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition
„HEMUS 2020”, 27.05.2020 - 30.05.2020, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


The Organizing Committee on the preparation and conducting of the IDEE HEMUS decided to hold the XIV-th edition of the exhibition, ‘Hemus 2020’ from 27 to 30 May 2020 at the International Fair Plovdiv.

In respect of the high achievements and the goals accomplished by ‘Hemus 2018’, the Committee decided to hold the next, fourteenth edition of the exhibition. In its decision the Committee formulates main parameters of the event and assigns responsibilities to number of bodies in the preparation process.

The motto of the exhibition remains "Defence, Antiterrorism and Security", but the subject sections are to be updated, focusing on Cyber Security, Border Security, Strategic Communications and Unmanned and Autonomous Systems.

Traditionally, ‘Hemus 2020’ will be organized and conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economics. The main accompanying events are defined as:

- X-th International Scientific Conference;

- Industrial Forum;

- Live Demonstrations and Test Firings at ‘Zmejovo’ Central Artillery Technical Test Range;

- Static Display and Capabilities Demonstration of the Bulgarian Armed Forces and other governmental bodies with responsibilities in the field of the national security.

The "Hemus-95" Foundation is set for immediate organizer of the XIV-th edition of IDEE "Hemus 2020" with key partners - the International Fair Plovdiv - JSC and the Bulgarian Defence Industry Association. The Foundation is entrusted with the negotiations with the main partners, resulting in signing of the respective contracts and cooperation agreements.

A number of structures from the Ministry of Defence have also been assigned functions and responsibilities for the preparation of ‘Hemus 2020’ and all accompanying events.
The final post-event overview of IDEE ‘Hemus 2018’ and its accompanying events confirms in numbers its outright success.

        The final IDEE ‘Hemus 2018’ post-event overview including the independent survey on satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors are now available. The paper confirms in numbers the outright success of the exhibition’s thirteenth edition.

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IDEE ‘Hemus 2018’ marks the most significant growth for the past 10 years.

       From May 30 to June 2, 2018, the thirteenth edition of the International Exhibition of Defense Products and Services "Hemus 2018" took place at the International Fair Plovdiv. In this year’s edition additional accent was put on the areas of cyber and border security, strategic communications and autonomous and unmanned systems.

    A total of 69 companies and organizations were represented, of which 48 Bulgarian and 21 foreign. Seventeen (17) countries participated in the event. For the first time, two organizations from the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior participated as exhibitors. The Bulgarian academia has expanded its participation, with 10 scientific and higher education units presenting their educational products, services and innovative scientific developments in the field of security and defence. The trade parameters of the exhibition recorded its most significant growth for the past 10 years.

      The number of visitors surpassed 2800 people and showed a high national and international growth of interest in the exhibition, also the most significant for the past 10 years. In a national context, the exposition was visited by leaders and high-ranking representatives of the Bulgarian state institutions, incl. the Chief of Defence, the Commands of the Services, generals, admirals, soldiers and citizens.

        The exhibition provoked an extremely high international interest. The exposition was visited by leaders and senior representatives of European and Euro-Atlantic institutions, 12 foreign delegations and visitors from many other countries.

          An independent sociological survey has confirmed the high satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors. Thus, ‘Hemus 2018’ has become a successful platform for coordination and partnership between the Bulgarian state institutions, Bulgarian Defence Industry, the Armed Forces and the academic community and has established itself as an emblem of the synergy of efforts in the interests of national security and industrial development. 

         Expanded international participation and the strong international, European and Euro-Atlantic interest in the exhibition have made it a high international forum for the realization of interests, both in the business-business’ domain and in the "state-state" and "business-state" areas.

        Exposure in practice covers the full cycle of development of a defensive product or service - innovation, deployment, production, commercialization, acquisition and lifecycle support.

         Two key messages characterize the completed Hemus 2018:
"An event where the West and the East match interests“
„А platform on which the European Union meets its partners“

       Expect a detailed post-event overview of ‘Hemus 2018’ and its accompanying events to be published within days on our site.