General terms

The General Participation Terms of the International Defence Equipment Exhibition HEMUS 2018 stipulate the contractual relations between the HEMUS-95 Foundation and the exhibitors concerning the provision of exhibition area, stand construction and other services throughout HEMUS 2018. The General Participation Terms are deemed to be accepted with the completion and signing of the application for participation (Form 1) by the EXHIBITOR. Any deviation from the General Participation Terms has to be agreed upon between the ORGANIZER and the EXHIBITOR in writing only.


1. The International Defence Equipment Exhibition HEMUS 2018 is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economy and under the supervision of the Organizing Committee.

2. The ORGANIZER of the exhibition is HEMUS-95 Foundation – Plovdiv with head office at 4000 Plovdiv, 116, Hristo Botev Blvd., Office 6, Bulstat 825351545, represented by Rear Admiral (Ret.) Nikolay Ivanov Nikolov, Chairman of the Governing Board.
Tel: ++35932 620300

International Fair Plovdiv AD and Bulgarian Defence Industries Association.

4. The scope of HEMUS 2018 covers Defence Еquipment.

The International Defence Equipment Exhibition HEMUS 2018 will be held from 30 May to 2 June 2018 at the Fairgrounds of International Fair Plovdiv AD.
In the event of force majeure, instructions issued by the competent state authorities or for security reasons, the ORGANIZER may change the dates, duration and opening hours of the exhibition and is not liable for any damages resulting from such changes.


1. The right to participate in the exhibition is granted to Bulgarian and foreign entities (natural persons and legal entities) engaged in manufacturing and commercial activities, as well as to non-profit organizations, provided they have applied for participation and have received a confirmation, or have entered into a special contract for participation with the ORGANIZER.

2. The participation in or the admission to the exhibition of entities with registered offices in embargo countries, defined as such by the UN, the EU or the authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria, is subject to a decision at the sole discretion of the ORGANIZER depending on the reasons for imposing embargo.


3.1. The EXHIBITOR is an entity entitled to participate in the exhibition and to rent exhibition area and/or order services in compliance with the General Participation Terms. The EXHIBITOR shall pay a registration fee and is entitled to accommodate a SUB-EXHIBITOR at his own exhibition area provided that the EXHIBITOR is the principal entity jointly liable with the SUB-EXHIBITOR to pay the amounts due and the costs incurred from the total rented exhibition area, as well as from the respective services ordered. The internal relationship between the EXHIBITOR and SUB-EXHIBITOR could not be used as a ground for non-payment to the ORGANIZER. The EXHIBITOR is responsible for meeting the requirements of the ORGANIZER for the total area of the exhibition stand, jointly with the SUB-EXHIBITOR. The EXHIBITOR has no right to accommodate any SUB-EXHIBITOR without having registered that SUB-EXHIBITOR with the ORGANIZER in accordance with these General Participation Terms.

3.2. The SUB-EXHIBITOR shall pay a registration fee and shall have all the rights resulting from that payment. The SUB-EXHIBITOR is not entitled to own exhibition stand and exhibition area, but shall use the one placed at his disposal by the EXHIBITOR, however he is bound to meet all the requirements of the ORGANIZER. The obligations of the SUB-EXHIBITOR related to the rental charge, construction fee, services, etc. must be paid to the ORGANIZER by the EXHIBITOR, but the SUB-EXHIBITOR shall be jointly liable with the EXHIBITOR for any payment due to the ORGANIZER.

During the first exhibition day, the right to access the exhibition is granted only to the officially invited guests.
Professionals, traders and representatives of the business with invitations or advance online registration would be admitted to the exhibition from the second exhibition day to the closing day.
Visitors with entrance tickets are admitted during the last two exhibition days.
For security reasons, persons under the age of 16 years shall be allowed to the exhibition, if accompanied by a person above 18 years, who can assume responsibility for their actions.
The ORGANIZER reserves the right to refuse or terminate the access to the exhibition of any person without further explanation. This also applies within the assembly and dismantling periods.

5. Application and Confirmation of Participation

5.1. For participation in the exhibition, the EXHIBITOR shall conclude a contract with the HEMUS-95 Foundation subject to:
- the General Participation Terms by filing a written application for participation (Form 1), which shall be processed only upon payment of the registration fee;
- a special contract.

5.2. The General Participation Terms are binding on the EXHIBITOR and SUB-EXHIBITOR, unless otherwise agreed upon in a special contract, and are deemed to be accepted upon filing an application for participation.

5.3. The application for participation (Form 1) shall be completed and signed by the authorized representative of the EXHIBITOR. Applications, lacking any required details or not signed, shall be considered null and void.

5.4. The EXHIBITOR is required to register any sub-exhibitors and other companies present at his exhibition stand by completing Form 1B.

5.5. The written confirmation of the application for participation by the ORGANIZER constitutes the conclusion of the participation contract pursuant to the General Participation Terms. Thereafter, the ORGANIZER provides a set of order forms for services, the proforma invoice for the exhibition area rental and the allocation plan.

5.6. The closing date for submitting the application for participation is 2 March 2018 (recommended).

5.7. The EXHIBITOR shall not sublet or in any other way place the entire or part of the exhibition area at third parties' disposal without the prior written consent of the ORGANIZER.


6.1. The ORGANIZER and International Fair Plovdiv AD allocate the exhibition area considering the technical parameters of the event, the exhibition categories, relevant to the exhibits specified in the application for participation, and the date of receiving the application.

6.2. In particular cases for the best interest of the event, the ORGANIZER is entitled to change the allocation, type, dimensions and size of the exhibition area, even after the confirmation of the application. In such cases, the EXHIBITOR has no right to cancel the participation or to claim damages. The ORGANIZER shall provide exhibition area and services by taking into account the requests of the EXHIBITOR to the greatest extent possible.

6.3. The ORGANIZER is entitled:
- to alter the rented exhibition area;
- to refuse the display of exhibits not complying with the recognized thematic scope;
- to decline the participation without having to provide any ground for such actions to the other party and without having any financial liability for damages caused.


1. The EXHIBITOR shall pay for the participation in the exhibition by two installments as follows:
- registration fee and exhibition area rental: no later than 30 days prior to the opening of the exhibition;
- exhibition stand/bungalow construction and other services ordered: no later than 10 days prior to the opening of the exhibition.
Payment for services additionally ordered during the exhibition shall be effected within five days after the proforma invoice is issued.

2. Notwithstanding the advance payments or installments effected, in case of nonpayment of the total amount due within the terms stipulated above, the ORGANIZER is entitled to terminate the contract with the EXHIBITOR and retain all the amounts already paid as indemnity for non-performance by the EXHIBITOR. In such cases, the ORGANIZER has the right to offer the same exhibition area to third parties and owes no compensation to the EXHIBITOR.

3. The EXHIBITOR shall pay the Organizer the installments to the bank accounts specified in the proforma invoices.

4. The ORGANIZER shall issue an invoice through the bank account holder specified in the proforma invoice (Hemus Consult Ltd.) within three days from the date of receiving the amount.

5. The exhibition area and constructed exhibition stand and/or bungalow shall be delivered to the EXHIBITOR only upon payment in advance. Only the original payment document shall be accepted as a proof of the effected payment.

6. All commissions deriving from bank transfer are at EXHIBITOR’s expense.

7. In the event of default on the payment under Section III, Art.1, statutory interest shall accrue for every day of overdue payment.

8. The ORGANIZER shall have the right of lien on exhibits and other materials belonging to the EXHIBITOR until the final settlement of the payment.

9. Upon settlement of the financial obligations, the EXHIBITOR obtains a permit to leave the exhibition area.

10. EXHIBITORS are granted following discounts:
- Upon payment of min. 50% of the ordered services costs, effected by 11 December 2017, the EXHIBITOR shall be granted a 5% discount on the amount paid, except for the registration fee.
- Discount on the rental charge for the outdoor exhibition area for display of exhibits up to the doubled size of the rented indoor exhibition area: 80%
- Discount for outdoor exhibition area from 21 m2 to 100 m2: 25%
- Discount for outdoor exhibition area above 100 m2: 30%

On payment of the registration fee, EXHIBITORS and SUB-EXHIBITORS are entitled to following services:
- EXHIBITORS receive free of charge admission cards for the staff working at the exhibition stand. The admission card is personal and non-transferable.
- 20 invitations for visitors, as well as an opportunity for advance online visitors registration
- Invitations to the official events organized for EXHIBITORS
- Entering of information related to the EXHIBITOR and SUB-EXHIBITOR in the printed and online catalogue of the exhibition as stipulated in these General Participation Terms.
Notwithstanding the reasons for termination of the contract or cancellation of the participation by an EXHIBITOR, the ORGANIZER shall not refund the registration fee.



1.1. The ORGANIZER may, at his sole discretion, refuse to confirm the application for participation of the EXHIBITOR and may not allow the access to the exhibition without giving any reasons for doing so and without being liable for any damage.

1.2. The ORGANIZER may terminate the contract immediately, even after the application for participation has been already confirmed, provided that new information and circumstances have come to his knowledge, which, if the ORGANIZER had been aware of at the very beginning, he would have refused to confirm the application for participation. In this case, the ORGANIZER shall terminate the contractual relations with the EXHIBITOR by sending a written notice.

1.3. The ORGANIZER may terminate the contract in the event of non-performance of the General Participation Terms by the EXHIBITOR.

1.4. The ORGANIZER has the right to retain amounts paid, to deduct or to claim amounts due by the date of contract termination, if the termination is caused by the EXHIBITOR’s default.


2.1. The EXHIBITOR may request the termination of the contract, in its entirety or in part, in compliance with the General Participation Terms, by a written notice given to the ORGANIZER subject to a well-founded reason, for which he could provide appropriate evidence.

2.2. Upon termination of the contract, the EXHIBITOR is liable to pay penalties as follows:
- 20% of the contract price in case of termination by 31 January 2018.
- 35% of the contract price in case of termination between 01 February 2018 and 04 March 2018.
- After 04 March 2018, as well as in case when as an exception the application for participation has been accepted after the expiration of the deadline for submission, the EXHIBITOR is liable to pay a penalty amounting to 50% of the rental charge of the confirmed application for participation and to make full payment of the expenses for the provision of exhibition services, i.e. stand construction, etc., incurred prior to the cancellation or reduction.

2.3. The HEMUS-95 Foundation may also claim compensation for greater damages.



1.1. EXHIBITORS shall submit to the ORGANIZER, within the deadline stipulated in Form 2, a list of the exhibits on display along with general technical information required by the Organizing Committee to issue an authorization for participation. Failure to meet this requirement may result in a refusal to participate in the exhibition.

1.2. Foreign EXHIBITORS must obtain either an authorization for participation in exhibitions or a licence for import of goods followed by re-export issued by the Joint Committee for Export Control and Non-Proliferation of Mass Destruction Weapons.

1.3. The admission and display of explosives and inflammable substances at the exhibition site is not allowed.

1.4. For certain exhibit categories, EXHIBITORS undertake to declare that the exhibits are deactivated and/or harmless, so that they are allowed for display. The exposition of radioactive materials, which may cause health damage, is prohibited.

1.5. EXHIBITORS undertake to store in a safe place small and valuable items, which could be damaged or taken out of the exhibition site. The ORGANIZER shall not be liable for any loss and damage to such items, as well as to personal belongings of EXHIBITORS or their staff.

1.6. Exhibits shall be transported at the expense of the EXHIBITOR. Exhibits are allowed to be delivered to the exhibition area no earlier than three days prior to the opening of the exhibition and be exhibited at the allocated area in compliance with the special requirements of these General Participation Terms.

1.7. At any time during the exhibition, the ORGANIZER is entitled to check the conformity of the exhibited products with the requirements stipulated in these General Participation Terms as well as with the safety requirements according to the Bulgarian laws.


2.1. After the official opening, the exhibition is open to visitors with invitations every day from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs and on the last exhibition day – until 15:00 hrs. Exhibitors and assisting staff are admitted to the exhibition from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs.

2.2. The access of unauthorized persons to the Fairgrounds of International Fair Plovdiv is not permitted beyond the business hours specified hereto.


3.1. Stand assembly period: 09–29 May 2018; Official holiday: 24 May 2018

3.2. Arrangement of exhibits: 27–29 May 2018

3.3. Stand dismantling period: 02 June from 15:00 to 17:00 hrs 03–12 June 2018

3.4. The working hours during the assembly and dismantling periods are from 08:00 to 17:00 hrs. The working hours for the period of the arrangement of exhibits are from 08:00 to 21:30 hrs. As an exception, the ORGANIZER may authorize a prolongation of the time against payments as per Form 4.


4.1. The ORGANIZER allocates net indoor and/or outdoor exhibition area at the Fairgrounds of International Fair Plovdiv. Fractions of a square meter shall be charged as one sq. m. The allocated area may contain structural elements of the pavilion, but they are not calculated in the total size of such area.

4.2. For two-storey stands, the rental charge for the second storey amounts to 60% of the rental charge for the first storey.

4.3. The minimum indoor exhibition area to be rented is as follows:
- In-line exhibition area: 6 m2
- Corner (two-sides-open) exhibition area: 15 m2
- Three-sides-open exhibition area: 24 m2
- Four-sides-open exhibition area: 60 m2

4.4. The rental of the exhibition area covers a period of 20 calendar days prior to the opening, the duration and 10 days after the closing of the event. The exhibition area rental does not include the construction of stands and bungalows, graphic design, staff costs, materials and other services. Upon written application, the EXHIBITOR may be allocated corner (two-sides-open) or central (three-sides-open and four-sides-open) exhibition area at 15% surcharge on the exhibition area rental.

4.5. The arrangement of an exhibition stand on the entire indoor exhibition area is obligatory for all EXHIBITORS.

4.6. Exhibition structures erected on the outdoor area shall have a min. depth of 3 m and be properly reinforced against the wind.

4.7. Exhibits and stand material may be removed from the rented exhibition area after 15:00 hrs on the closing day of the exhibition.



At the request of the EXHIBITOR, the ORGANIZER provides construction services for exhibition stands and bungalows by using modular aluminum and customized structures, as well as unique stands and bungalows. The requirements shall be specified in Form 4.


The EXHIBITOR executes the construction of exhibition stands and bungalows by himself or assigns the task to a contractor. The relations with INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD shall be governed by a construction contract.
In view of covering the general costs for electricity and water, cleaning of the common areas and waste disposal, use of infrastructure, overall security and supervision by the authorized departments during the assembly and dismantling periods, the company constructing the exhibition stand or bungalow shall pay a construction fee according to Form 4.

The design and arrangement plans of the exhibition stands/bungalows require the approval of INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD and a design plan approval fee shall be charged in accordance with Form 4. These plans shall comply with the technical and financial requirements stipulated in the Construction Contract for Exhibition Structures.

5.2.3. The ORGANIZER has the right to refuse entering into a contract with a company constructing exhibition stands and bungalows or providing any other service, if the contractor or the exhibitor have any outstanding financial obligations to the ORGANIZER and if the design plans do not comply with the technical requirements and safety regulations.

5.2.4. The construction, graphic design and arrangement of the exhibition and advertising areas shall be completed within the stipulated working hours on the day prior to the event opening.

5.2.5. No modifications of the walls, floors, ceilings and other structural components of the pavilions as well as of the pavement of the outdoor exhibition areas are allowed, unless INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD has given its written authorization. Any damage, caused by the culpable conduct of the EXHIBITOR/CONTRACTOR, shall be eliminated by the latter or by INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD at EXHIBITOR/CONTRACTOR’s expense.

5.2.6. Any wiring from the main power supply panels, water and sewer connections shall be laid by the authorized staff of INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD and charged as per Form 10.

5.2.7. The ORGANIZER has the exclusive right to grant permission for conducting any activity (that meets the legal requirements) at the exhibition site subject to a contract.


6.1. The ORGANIZER ensures the overall security at the exhibition site. EXHIBITORS and their staff shall not be admitted to the exhibition areas outside the opening hours stipulated under Section V, Art. 2. In the event that any exhibits require special security measures, the EXHIBITOR may hire security guards only after authorization from the ORGANIZER.

6.2. The relocation of exhibits during the opening hours of the exhibition is prohibited. If light fire weapons need to be brought in and out of the exhibition pavilion, they have to be checked by the Military Police. Any filming and photographing of exhibits and exhibition stands without the written permission of the ORGANIZER is forbidden.

6.3. The free movement of motor vehicles on the Fairgrounds of International Fair Plovdiv is forbidden. Parking is allowed only at the designated parking lots against parking permits.


7.1. The use of the rented exhibition area shall not disturb nor interfere with the use of the surrounding exhibition stands. If sound reproduction materials are in operation, the sound level shall be in conformity with the overall acoustic environment and shall not create any problems to the other exhibitors. The ORGANIZER is entitled to give mandatory instructions for the immediate suppression of the respective sounding equipment at any time without any explanations and without taking into account the arguments presented by the EXHIBITOR.

7.2. EXHIBITORS shall declare that they shall not take any actions that may violate good manners, present unfair competition or violate copyright and related rights.

8. Fire prevention and Work Safety Requirements

8.1. The exhibitor shall be obliged to observe the fire and work safety rules personally and on behalf of his staff and/or hired contractors. Any negative consequences resulting from the non-observance thereof shall be at EXHIBITOR’s expense. It falls within the EXHIBITOR’s responsibility to provide insurance for the staff and equipment.

8.2. Automotive exhibits are not allowed to move on the Fairgrounds outside the exhibition area allocated to the EXHIBITOR for the duration of the event, unless given written permission by the ORGANIZER.

8.3. For fire safety reasons, every EXHIBITOR is required to provide for a fireproof impregnation on stand construction materials, and submit a certificate as a proof that the materials are impregnated. Otherwise, the ORGANIZER shall do the impregnation at exhibitor’s expense. The exhibitor shall ensure free access to the fire extinguishers and hydrants. The electric installation at the exhibition stands must comply with the fire safety regulations applicable in the Republic of Bulgaria. The storage of empty packaging and inflammable materials the at/behind the stand is forbidden.


9.1. Each and every EXHIBITOR shall agree that pictures may be taken and films may be made of the exhibits and products on display before and during the exhibition. The pictures and films may be used for the exhibition promotion. In case that the EXHIBITOR disagrees with the use of his own trademark, logo, brand, etc. in the exhibition promotional and presentation materials and events by the ORGANIZER, the EXHIBITOR has to declare that in writing by the beginning of the day preceding the opening day of the exhibition.

9.2. Each and every EXHIBITOR shall agree to publish the information provided by him such as company name, address and head office, scope of activity, etc. in the printed and online catalogues of the exhibition.


The Press Centre of INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD attends to accredited journalists by offering telephone, fax support and all necessary facilities for press conferences, meetings and discussions between journalists and EXHIBITORS.

The ORGANIZER provides an opportunity for demonstrations of the displayed exhibits at designated locations. The EXHIBITOR shall apply for such demonstrations by completing Form 2.

3. Catalogue of exhibitors and Information System
The ORGANIZER jointly with International Fair Plovdiv shall publish printed and online exhibitors catalogues, as well as a list of all participants on the corporate websites and shall maintain an information system. The ORGANIZER and International Fair Plovdiv assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by the EXHIBITOR.
The entry in the catalogue and information system (including company address, telephone, fax numbers, e-mail, website, up to two exhibition categories and text information up to 50 characters) is compulsory and free of charge for all exhibitors and sub-exhibitors. The information required for this entry shall be extracted from the application for participation (Form 1 or Form 1B). In the event that the information has to be altered and/or added, Form 3 shall be completed and submitted within the stipulated deadline. The publishing of a trademark (logo) in the printed and online catalogues, the entry of more than two exhibition categories and text information exceeding 50 characters in the printed catalogue and information system can be ordered by Form 3 within the specified deadline against payment.

The ORGANIZER jointly with International Fair Plovdiv shall provide halls and equipment to rent for the organization of presentations, seminars, symposia, business meetings and other parallel business events. For that purpose, EXHIBITORS shall submit a written application (Form 7) and conclude a contract with the ORGANIZER.


5.1. The ORGANIZER jointly with International Fair Plovdiv shall provide the following services:
- loading/unloading operations (Form 15);
- arrangement of customs formalities;
- transportation and storage of packaging materials and containers;
- transportation and storage of exhibition goods in a bonded warehouse.

5.2. EXHIBITORS are not allowed to perform any lo1ading/unloading operations of exhibition goods nor to access the Fairgrounds, respectively use EXHIBITOR’s own or rented handling equipment (cranes, forklift trucks, etc.). The charges for these services are calculated and paid in compliance with a special tariff applicable to all international events held at the Fairgrounds of International Fair Plovdiv AD, which shall be submitted (sent) to the EXHIBITOR on request.

EXHIBITORS shall assume the risk and responsibility for transportation, storage and display of exhibits and exhibition stand materials.
To safeguard their own interests, EXHIBITORS shall insure their property against all possible risks during the exhibition.

The customs clearance of exhibition goods under temporary import and export can be carried out by the specialized unit of INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD and/or a shipping company authorized by INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD that shall provide guarantee coverage to the Customs authorities.
Foreign EXHIBITORS must obtain either an authorization for participation in exhibitions or a licence for import of goods followed by re-export issued by the Joint Committee for Export Control and Non-Proliferation of Mass Destruction Weapons. The removal of bonded goods from the exhibition area shall be possible only upon authorization by the Customs authorities. Failure to comply with that requirement shall result in statutory sanctions such as fines, charges and duties imposed on the EXHIBITOR by the Customs authorities.

The ORGANIZER provides showcases, furniture, sink cabinets, visual equipment, assisting staff and other services which can be ordered by completing Form 5.


The relations between the parties herein are governed by the Bulgarian substantive law. Any disputes that may arise between the ORGANIZER and the EXHIBITOR shall be settled through negotiations. If an agreement could not be reached, the litigation shall be referred to the competent Bulgarian court.
In cases of lien on exhibits, the Bulgarian Civil Procedure Code shall apply.
These General Participation Terms are published in Bulgarian and English. In cases of dispute the Bulgarian text shall prevail.

Download in pdf: OU-Hemus2018