International conference

Traditionally a highlight of the exhibition programme is the International Scientific Conference, organized by the Defence Institute “Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov”. In 2018 the 9th edition of the conference will take place.

The theme of the 8th Scientific Conference, which took place on 26th May 2016, was „Scientific Research - A Key Factor For New Defence Capabilities Acquisition”.

During the Conference totally 80 scientific papers with authors from different countries, among which Greece, Ireland, Israel, Spain, UK and Bulgaria were presented.

At the opening of the conference were present foreign guests and delegations from Moldova, Algeria, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria and other countries, representatives of defence structures and the defence industry in Bulgaria, researchers from a number of European countries, defence experts from the Bulgarian military schools, scientific and research institutes in the field of defence, Bulgarian Academy of Science and technical universities from the country.

A Deputy Defence Minister and the Chief of Defence of Republic of bulgaria took part in the conference. In their plenary lectures they talked about the perspectives for technological modernization of the Armed Forces of Republic of Bulgaria and the opportunities for participation of the Bulgarian technological and industrial organizations in the implementation of the projects, arising from the modernization process. The national coordinator for cyber security presented to the participants the opportunities for public-private partnership for cyber security and protection of information.

Discussions, exchange of ideas and solutions for development of armaments and combat equipment, communications, radars, information technology, economic and political aspects of defence and other topics, found place in two of the scientific sections of the conference - "Armaments, Defence Systems and Support" and "Communication and Information Systems and Technologies, Information Security”. In the third specialized section - "Technologies in Support of Law Enforcement Agencies" - scientists from different countries, discussed the contemporary threats of home-made, improvised explosion devices, innovative solutions for defence of information and the opportunities of cyber-intelligence in the era of global terrorism.