“HEMUS 2016 – Defence, Antiterrorism and Security Exhibition” spotlighted static display of existing and acquired new samples of vehicles and armament by the Ministry of Defence.

The exhibits were exposed in separated centers and included:

• “Armored vehicles” center;
• „Armament and optic devices” center;
• „Individual and ballistic defense devices” center;
• „Special vehicles” center;
• „Air vehicles” center;
• „Simulation and modeling systems” center.


On 27.05.2016 from 17:30 to 18:30 a dynamic display for demonstration of actions during special operations was organized under unified scenario with the following theme: „Demonstration of Combat Skills in Extreme Situations” with the participation of formations of the Land Forces, the Air-force and the Military Police.

The demonstration featured the following main elements:
• Searching, detecting and locating of terrorists;
• Clearance of an object, arrest and neutralization of terrorists;
• Actions of EOD team for finding and destroying improvised explosive devices (IEDs).


On 27th May Demonstrative Firings took place at “Zmejovo” Central Artillery Technical Test Ground. At the firings, organized by the Defence Institute, the exhibitors had the opportunity to demonstrate in reality how their products work. During the firings, 4 Bulgarian companies from the defence industry demonstrated their products („Arcus“ JSCo, „VMZ“ JSCo, „Dunarit“ JSCo and „Stroyproject" Ltd.). „Lassa Engineering” Ltd. presented the system S.C.A.R. – POD.

Official guests at the firings were the Ministers of Defence of Nigeria and Cameroon, the deputy Minister of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other representatives of the official delegations, visiting “Hemus”. The participants in the meeting of the Ammunition Support Partnership Committee (ASPC) also visited the firings.

The Central Artillery Technical Testing Ground is a structure directly subordinate to the Minister of Defense. The methodological guidance on the testing activities referring to weapons and ammunition is accomplished by the Defense Institute. The firing ground is the only one on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with capabilities to verify combat efficiency and ensure safe operation of weapons and ammunition in the Bulgarian Armed Forces, the newly developed ones and the special products of the national defense industry.

Central Artillery Technical Testing Ground was established by decree of the Council of Ministers in 1970. Its area enables the inspection for the combat effectiveness of weapons and ammunition within the limits of the shooting range, and ranges as follows:

• Length of the shooting directrix: 28 km;
• width: at the initial sector - 2.5 km;
• at the final sector - 3.5 km;
• total area: 95.632 sq km;
• constructed buildings and facilities - 138;
• specialized test stations - 7;
• fence - 112 km;
• roads - 124 km.

The Central Artillery Technical Testing Ground is in charge of the following:

• Performs laboratory testing of gunpowder and explosives (including physical and chemical analysis); of fuses, igniters, and other elements of the rounds to determine a change in their performance on the expire of warranty period, as well as terms of service to determine the possibility of extending the operation thereof;

• Performs Control Field Test of small arms, artillery, antiaircraft, antitank, aviation, marine and engineering munitions and missile complexes for close support, in-service ones or adopted in the the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria;

• Develops reports on the quality and suitability of newly developed and manufactured weapons and munitions, capabilities for their military use and storage, and makes proposals for their further implementation;

• Participates in exhibitions of weapons and combat equipment, and organizes demonstration shootings.