Demonstration Firings


According the programme of Hemus 2018 Demonstrative Firingswill be organizedat “Zmejovo” Central Artillery Technical Test Ground. The firings are organized by the Defence Institute. Bulgarian and foreign exhibitorshave theopportunity to demonstrate in reality how their products work.

The Firings are visited from officials from the MoD of Bulgaria, as well as official delegations. The companies, participating in the Firings also have the opportunity to invite their guests.

At present, a number of Bulgarian Defense Industry’s companies applied to present their products at the live test firings – namely VMZ EAD (presenting their portable anti-tank rocket propelled grenades PG–7VT, BULSPIKE–TB, TB-7V and KO-7VM), ARCUS Co (presenting two types of 40 mm. Under Barrel Grenade Launchers, a 40 mm. Grenade Launcher, a 30 mm. HE-Frag Round and two other types of 40 mm. Grenades) Aheloy OPM OOD (presenting a 120 mm. Mortar Bomb with volume blast) and the Central Artillery Technical Testing Range.

Of particular importance is the participation in the Demonstration Firings of a foreign exhibitor for the first time in the history of the exhibition. The Finnish Patria Land Systems Oy will present its modular (AMV) 8X8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). The demonstration will include live fire of 30 mm. Gun and 7.62 mm. Machine Gun from a static and moving vehicle to static targets.

Registration for participation can be done with Form 2A: Hemus2018-Form2A and Annex to Form 2A: Hemus2018-Form2A_annex

For more information about the organization of the Demonstrative Firings, You can contact:

Defence Institute „Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov“
Colonel,Ass. Prof.Borislav Genov- 00359 2 9221850, 00359 882 110007,

About the Central Artillery Technical Testing Ground

It is a structure directly subordinate to the Minister of Defense. The methodological guidance on the testing activities referring to weapons and ammunition is accomplished by the Defense Institute. The firing ground is the only one on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with capabilities to verify combat efficiency and ensure safe operation of weapons and ammunition in the Bulgarian Armed Forces, the newly developed ones and the special products of the national defense industry.

Central Artillery Technical Testing Ground was established by decree of the Council of Ministers in 1970. Its area enables the inspection for the combat effectiveness of weapons and ammunition within the limits of the shooting range, and ranges as follows:

• Length of the shooting directrix: 28 km;
• width: at the initial sector - 2.5 km;
• at the final sector - 3.5 km;
• total area: 95.632 sq km;
• constructed buildings and facilities - 138;
• specialized test stations - 7;
• fence - 112 km;
• roads - 124 km.

The Central Artillery Technical Testing Ground is in charge of the following:

• Performs laboratory testing of gunpowder and explosives (including physical and chemical analysis); of fuses, igniters, and other elements of the rounds to determine a change in their performance on the expire of warranty period, as well as terms of service to determine the possibility of extending the operation thereof;

• Performs Control Field Test of small arms, artillery, antiaircraft, antitank, aviation, marine and engineering munitions and missile complexes for close support, in-service ones or adopted in the the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria;

• Develops reports on the quality and suitability of newly developed and manufactured weapons and munitions, capabilities for their military use and storage, and makes proposals for their further implementation;

• Participates in exhibitions of weapons and combat equipment, and organizes demonstration shootings.